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Trust Pilot Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions
Why do you seek customer reviews?

As well as providing valuable customer feedback, allowing customers to share their experience and rate Frankton's also allows other customers to judge our service before choosing to buy from us.

Why did you choose Trustpilot?

Trustpilot is a well-known and reputable site that allows customers to leave accredited reviews. We believe that to receive meaningful reviews, it has to be done from a platform that aspires to be the most trusted review platform in the world.

How can I trust the reviews are genuine?

We take steps to make sure all reviews we receive are genuine.

We only send review invitations to people who have made a purchase from us. It's impossible for the retailer to remove negative reviews to improve their overall trust score.

TrustPilot has a "Content Integrity Team" who monitor reviews. Abusive and inappropriate reviews are dealt with quickly with the WhistleBlower scheme. Reviewers that show suspicious patterns may be asked for identity and proof of purchase, which is crosschecked with the retailer.

What are customers reviewing? The product or the service?

The primary use of Trustpilot is to allow customers to share their buying experience from Frankton's with other people.

We are really happy that customers choose to share their feedback and are particularly happy when the focus is on their experience with us rather than the product.

How do I make a service review for Frankton's?

When you place an order, you will automatically receive an email from Trustpilot asking you to share your review of our service.

This email is usually sent 1 week after purchase, as this gives you time to see how we perform from start to finish.

What data will Trustpilot store?

If you choose to leave a review of Frankton's, you will be taken through the process with Trustpilot. They will make it clear to you how they use your data.

Will this be used for marketing purposes?

We will not use your Trustpilot review as a marketing tool. In order to receive marketing from Frankton's, you must first agree by subscribing to our newsletter.