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HOTBIN Composting

Kick-start your composting by cranking up the heat to 60°c (that’s 140 degrees Fahrenheit).

HOTBIN works by insulating your kitchen and garden waste to maintain the optimum temperature to allow the contents to breakdown quickly and naturally.

It’s fast, efficient, easy to get started and keeps on working right through winter when most other methods go to sleep.

HOTBIN 100L & 200L

Designed to be no bigger than a wheelie bin, these domestic-sized models are perfect for chomping through your garden and kitchen waste.

HOTBIN Mega 450L & 700L

Designed for large gardens and community groups, these large models are designed for batch composting. Making compost on mass has never been this quick and easy.

HOTBIN Replacement Parts

Lost or damaged some parts to your HOTBIN? Don't worry, we have everything you need at Frankton's.

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