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National Trust HOTBIN Mega Discounts

Frequently asked questions
What will the savings be?

We will be releasing details about savings in the coming days. We are finalising prices to make sure they are the most competitive available.

Will we save when buying just one?

Yes. The offer will discount single item purchases but you will save more with our multi-buy discounts.

How will multi-buy discounts work?

We will be introducing a sliding scale of discounts, so the more you buy, the more you save.

To be eligible, you must be a National Trust property. Because this offer is not available to other customers, please contact us with an email address and we will explain the process.

How will group-buy purchases work?

You can team up with any other UK mainland National Trust property to benefit from the same savings as offered from multi-buy savings.

Is there a minimum purchase for group purchases?

Yes. The minimum group purchase will be 4 HOTBIN Megas (of any size). This can be done with 2 properties buying two HOTBIN Megas, by 4 National Trust properties buying one HOTBIN Mega or any combination thereof.

How do we order as a group?

Email us with the details of the National Trust properties that would like to take part in the group-buy scheme.

All parties must make a purchase for all to qualify for the discount. The discount is applied by refunding participants the discount amount.