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Where to Recycle

The UK generated 27 million tonnes of household waste in 2020 alone, an increase of more than two percent on the previous year. The recycling rate for the same period was 44.4%, which unfortunately is a decrease on the year before.

Regrettably, the UK is only recycling 3% more waste than it did during 2010.

Recycle Now is an online resource aimed at increasing these rates. Those who have used Recycle Now are significantly more likely to report increased recycling take-up. What is clear is that people want to recycle but knowing what can be recycled and where plays an important part in recycling rates. 

The types of materials that can be accepted for recycling varies between countries within the UK and indeed between counties. Below are links to local resources, which provide information about recycling in your area. They allow you to find out how to correctly dispose of your household items.