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Our Own Sustainability Labelling - Frankton's

Our Own Sustainability Labelling

Gardening is a wonderful way to spend our free time and has many benefits for our physical and mental wellbeing.

But over the last decade we have had to come to terms with the consequences that our hobby (or profession) has had on the environment. Recently, the mainstream media, with programmes such as Gardeners' World, have begun to report on these issues too.

Sometimes it feels like we must make big changes to our lives in order to make a difference. However, we believe that smaller steps in the right direction will produce real results as well. But what can we do to make our gardening more sustainable?

Frankton's know that gardeners think progressively and are ready to choose greener options.

But how do we find greener products that do the same thing for a similar price?

That is the reason Frankton's was created. We research and present these products to you using our own sustainability labels.

Responsible, Reduce, Repair, Recycle

At Frankton's, we use these four words to decide which products we offer from our website. It allows us to test how sustainable each one of our products really is so that we can make a commitment to you.

Our commitment is to only sell products that meet at least one of these tests.

This is where Sustainability Labels are rooted. Look out for them next to our products when browsing our website.



We need to know what our products are made from in order to judge how sustainable they really are.

Frankton's research the background of our products to satisfy our commitment to be environmentally responsible.

When making our product selections, we favour those that are made from recycled materials. While it is rare to find products that are made from 100% recycled materials, we strive to offer the best ones as they become available.

We also like products that are made from natural materials. When we choose them, we need to be certain that they come from sustainable sources. For instance, our range of outdoor timber products is made from sustainable Scandinavian softwood. 



If we choose products that are made to last then demand for the earth's resources will naturally reduce.

Frankton's choose products from manufacturers with a pedigree of quality, where products are extensively tested under real life conditions. Products that provide 5 year, 10 year or even lifetime warranties should give you confidence and peace of mind.

Manufacturing consumes our natural resources through mining and drilling. We burn fossil fuels to turn them into useful products and to move them globally. Key to climate change has been our shift to a disposable society where products have become less robust and long lasting than ever before.

Garden products are no exception and are too often made from single use plastics. In particular, millions of cheap propagation trays, plastic pots and labels end up early in landfill. This is because they crack or disintegrate quickly and due to their colour, they cannot be detected by the sensors of the present generation of automated recycling systems. 



Keeping a product working year after year is a key test for us at Frankton's. We want to move away from the disposable society, towards one where we can repair and mend.

When a product stops working, often the first consideration between repairing and throwing it away is a financial one. Once we begin to factor in the environmental costs, the case to repair becomes far stronger.

At Frankton's we take a common sense approach to this problem. We choose quality brands with long guarantees, meaning that repair becomes a wider option. We also stock spare parts for products such as HOTBIN as well as choosing manufacturers such as GARDENA who offer a comprehensive repair service as standard.



What happens when a product reaches the end of its life? Is it made from components that can be widely recycled?

Frankton's assess these things before presenting the product for sale on our website. . 

We also recognises the part we play when fulfilling orders. When we fulfil our orders, we use recyclable packaging and tape. Our void-fill material is also natural. We want you to be able to compost all of your packaging after you've finished!

We continue to work with fulfilment partners for some of our products to help them work towards more sustainable solutions too. From time to time you may receive products direct from our suppliers. We want to hear from you when they don't meet your expectations from an environmental viewpoint.

In summary

Reduce, Repair, Recycle

As gardeners, we are possibly some of the most sensitive receptors of climate change. We spend many hours outside observing the changing of the seasons and are perceptive enough to know why summers have become dryer and winters wetter. 

Our Sustainability Labels intend to encourage gardeners in a non-judgemental, incremental way to think more sustainably. Products needn't meet all of these criteria, we think meeting one is a good start and that's why we list them on our website.

At Frankton's, we aim to become the first choice for gardeners who want to make more conscious and sustainable decisions.

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