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The Power of the Water Butt: 10 Reasons to own one - Frankton's

The Power of the Water Butt: 10 Reasons to own one


As global concerns over water scarcity and environmental sustainability continue to grow, it is essential to explore other solutions to reduce our water consumption and adopt responsible practices. One such solution is the humble water butt, a simple yet effective tool for water conservation. In this blog, we will delve into ten compelling reasons why incorporating a water butt into our daily lives is not only beneficial but also crucial for a greener, more sustainable future.

1. Efficient Rainwater Harvesting:

Water butts provide an excellent means of collecting and storing rainwater. Instead of allowing precious rainwater to runoff and be wasted, these devices allow us to harness the power of nature by collecting rainwater directly from roofs and gutters. This harvested water can be used for various purposes, significantly reducing our reliance on freshwater resources.

2. Sustainable Gardening:

Watering plants, lawns, and gardens often accounts for a significant portion of our water consumption. By utilizing a water butt, we can reduce our reliance on treated water and instead utilize the collected rainwater for irrigation. Not only does this conserve freshwater supplies, but rainwater is also rich in natural nutrients, benefiting plants and soil health.

3. Cost Savings:

Implementing a water butt can lead to substantial financial savings. By using rainwater for activities like watering plants, washing cars, or cleaning outdoor areas, we can significantly reduce our water bills. With water costs on the rise in many regions, this is a practical and cost-effective solution.

4. Flood Prevention:

Water butts, each typically holding around 200 litres of water, can help mitigate the risk of flooding, particularly in urban areas when used on mass. By capturing rainwater, we can reduce the volume of water that reaches street level drains during heavy rain. This reduces the burden on drainage systems and helps prevent localised flooding, protecting homes and communities.

5. Conserving Energy:

The process of treating and supplying water to our homes requires a significant amount of energy. By utilising rainwater from water butts for non-potable uses, we reduce the demand for treated water, subsequently reducing the energy required for water treatment, pumping, and distribution. This leads to a decrease in carbon emissions and promotes a more sustainable energy footprint.

6. Drought Resilience:

In regions prone to droughts or areas where hose pipe bans are common, having a water butt is invaluable. By collecting rainwater during wet periods, we can create a reserve for dry spells, ensuring we have a water supply for essential uses like gardening or cleaning, even when water restrictions are in place. 

7. Promoting Biodiversity:

Water butts can support local biodiversity by acting as a valuable water source for wildlife. In times of water scarcity, birds, insects, and other animals can rely on the collected rainwater in the water butt, especially in urban areas where natural water sources may be limited. If your water butt is in the shade and so avoiding evaporation, take the lid off and allow wildlife to benefit!

8. Simple to Install and Low Maintenance

Water butts are really simple to install, requiring minimal tools and technical knowledge.They can easily be connected to downspouts or gutters and once up and running, they're a self sustaining system. Being made from long lasting plastic, they're ultra low maintenance as well. Just make sure they are made from recycled plastic, like these from Frankton's.

9. Educational Tool:

Installing a water butt can be an educational opportunity for children and adults alike. It offers a tangible way to learn about water conservation, the water cycle, and the importance of responsible water use. By using a water butt, individuals develop a deeper understanding of our natural resources and their sustainable management.

10. Climate Change Adaptation:

As climate change brings about more unpredictable weather patterns, water butts provide a practical solution for adapting to these changes. They enable individuals and communities to collect and store water during times of excess rainfall, ensuring a reliable water supply during periods of water scarcity or prolonged dry spells.

To sum up

Water butts offer convenience in terms of installation, space-saving design, easy accessibility, versatile usage, and low maintenance. They provide a sustainable and cost-effective means of collecting and storing rainwater, ensuring a readily available supply for various outdoor needs. Incorporating a water butt into our daily lives brings convenience, environmental benefits, and long-term savings, making them a practical choice for sustainable water management.

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