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Grow More With Harvst

Harvst is a UK manufacturer with a clear mission; they want to help you grow more. Growing with Harvst provides fresh food all year round, which is better for the environment and offers an opportunity for you and your family to engage in nature.

Frankton's and Harvst share the same views on sustainability. When buying a Harvst product, you can count on them to have thought about the social and environmental impact of every single element of their products and processes, from design and performance to materials and packaging.

Smart Irrigation System

Harvst WaterMate

Harvst WaterMate is a smart, solar-powered watering system for existing greenhouses and polytunnels.

It helps you spend less time watering and uses less water than a standard timer. WaterMate can pump water from a tank, or you can connect it to a garden tap.

Smart Mini Greenhouses

Harvst Sprout

A new range of greenhouses coming soon.

Designed and built in Cardigan, the Sprout Greenhouse has been built to withstand the coastal weather of Wales. Made from long lasting aluminium and 100% recyclable perspex, Sprout is maintenance free and will provide many seasons of service to your plants and seedlings.