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Greener Garden Products At a Glance

At Frankton's, we have simple aim: to show gardeners that greener products needn't compromise price and function.

To do this, we searched through hundreds of products that gardeners need, then we tested them against our own Sustainability Labels. Only the best join the Frankton's family, meaning you can shop with peace of mind.

Responsible, Reduce, Repair, Recycle

At Frankton's, we use these four words to decide which products we offer from our website. It allows us to test how sustainable each one of our products really is so that we can make a commitment to you.

Our commitment is to only sell products that meet at least one of these tests.

This is where Sustainability Labels are rooted. Look out for them next to our products when browsing our website.


We need to know what our products are made from in order to judge how sustainable they really are.

"Responsible" indicates it is made from sustainably sourced or recycled materials.


If we choose products that are made to last then demand for the earth's resources will naturally reduce.

"Reduce" means that the product is high quality and long lasting.


We want to move away from the disposable society, towards one where we can repair and mend.

"Repair" tells us it can be fixed or has spare parts available.


What happens when a product reaches the end of its life? Is it made from components that can be widely recycled?

"Recycle" demonstrates that it can be readily recycled at end of life.