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Pack of 8 No Dig Polystyrene Seed Tray - 24 Cells


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Sustainability Label
Sustainability Information

This product is 95% air

This produce is durable. The product can still be used if some cells are damaged.

This product is 100% recyclable

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Height 6.5 cm
Length 31 cm
Width 26.5 cm

Colour: White

Pack of 8 No Dig Polystyrene Seed Tray - 24 Cells - Dimensions 31cm x 26cm x 6.5cm.

Perfect for any type of seed sowing, but particularly for a no dig approach to growing your own vegetables.

- Lasts for years unlike cheaper plastic options

- Keep plants insulated when they are at their most tender

- Grow more plants in less space. Window ledges are always at a premium and even those with greenhouses can benefit greatly.

- Save time by planting more than one plant in the same cell

- Save money by using less compost for the same number of plants

- Avoid gluts of vegetables by staggering your sowing

- Multisowing is ideal for:

Salads, Chard, Rocket, Basil, Coriander
Onions, Spring Onions and Leeks
Radish, Beetroot, turnips and pumpkins
Peas, Kale, Fennel.

Simply fill each cell with a quality compost and firm down. Plant somewhere between 3 and 8 seeds, the smaller the seed, the more you can sow.

Cover with a little more compost and water well without disturbing the seeds. Keep moist.

On germination, thin out as required. If you want a bigger plant, thin out more to give more space.

Harden-off the plants once the frosts have passed before planting in the veg plot.

Stand back and watch your veg plot grow!

With today’s growing concerns about the environment and climate change, expanded polystyrene is increasingly recognised as environmentally preferable for a host of reasons including its lightweight nature, its outstanding insulation properties and its low carbon footprint.