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RHS Men's Groundbreaker Spade - FSC 100%

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Sustainability Label
Sustainability Information

No plastic materials. Handle made with FSC wood.

High quality, durable product.
Life time warranty

Made from recyclable materials

Further Information

Handle: FSC certified hardwood
Head: stainless steel
Head dimensions: 28cm long x 18cm wide
Overall length: 111cm
Weight: 1.94kg

* Note that the remaining stock may exhibit some small marks and hairline scratches (reflected in the price). These do not impact the use of the spade whatsoever. Please consider this before purchase as we cannot accept returns on the basis of gift presentation *

The real joy of this super-tough garden spade is its pointed, sharpened head, which slices easily through the most challenging ground.

If it meets a stone or root as it cuts down through the soil, it simply passes the obstruction to the side, taking the hard work out of digging in hard or stony soils.

The mirror-polished stainless steel head gives rust resistance and clean movement through the soil. Wide comfort treads at the top of the blade prevent any discomfort for feet, allowing you to really dig deep.

This distinctive spade has been tested to a breaking strain of 100kg – that’s 82% stronger than the British standard.

To save your back, it has a longer handle than most spades, crafted in FSC certified hardwood.

The handle is topped with a comfortable 'Y' grip, double riveted at the base for strength. An extra-long, double-riveted strapped socket introduces strength and an element of flex at this key joint.

This large stainless steel Groundbreaker spade is endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, perhaps the ultimate gardening accolade. Like all their RHS-endorsed stainless steel tools, this Groundbreaker spade is covered by a lifetime guarantee.