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Coir Pellets 35mm Box of 60

Sustainability Label
Sustainability Information

Bi-product of coconut production, FSC paper and UK made packaging produced from recycled cardboard.

Both packaging and product are biodegradable.

Further Information

Store in a dry place

Coir pellets provide an easy start for your seeds or cuttings.

This box of 60 pellets, 35mm in size, expand with water to four times their original size, to provide enough growing media to allow your seedlings and cuttings to establish themselves before being potted on or grown outdoors.

Coir is a bi-product of coconut production and each pellet is wrapped in FSC paper. To continue this sustainable approach, Frankton's coir pellets are packaged in UK made recycled cardboard boxes and are plastic free, even the labels.

If using as a starter for no-dig, you can multi-sow several seeds to a single pellet. Larger seeds should be sowed alone.

Instructions are included in the packet.

Lay out the pellets in a water tight tray of a suitable size.

Using lukewarm water, soak the pellets. Once they have expanded, drain off any excess water.

The centre of each pellet has a hole to take a seed or cuttings. You can use the surrounding coir to fill the hole after sowing.

Water thoroughly. Don't overwater or let them dry out.