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24 Recycled Plant Pots Taupe - 10.5cm

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Sustainability Label
Sustainability Information

This product is made from recycled materials.

This product can be used many, many times before reaching the end of its usable life.

These pots are fully recyclable.

Light weight grower plant pots, made from recycled materials and are fully recyclable when they are no longer needed. These pots are great for when you are growing larger plugs like Surfinias, Bacopa, fuchsia's etc..... in bulk. 

  •  Made using 100% recycled Polypropylene plastic
  •  Sold in packs of 24
  •  Lightweight pots
  •  Fully recyclable -just dispose of in your household recycling bin
  • Capable of being detected by scanners at recycling centres
  • Carbon free

Height 10cm

Width 8cm