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Set of 10 Connection Bars to create Gothic Arch Tunnel

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Sustainability Label
Sustainability Information

Made from high quality, long lasting materials.

This product can be recycled at the end of its life.

Use this set of 10 connecting bars to join two of the following arches:

Poppy Forge Gothic Arch

Please note that this item does not include the arches.

Take two stunning Gothic Arches and extend them to become a tunnel with these tunnel bars. Perfect for a grapevine canopy and an enchanting focal feature. These ingenious solid steel joiner bars allow you to connect any number of the same arch in a series.

Each end of the joiner bar has a simple mechanism that simply drops on and securely fastens it to the arch. There are ten bars in this set and they are available in both the Antique Black Powder Coat or the Bare Metal Ready to Rust finish to match your Gothic Arches. 

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