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HOTBIN 200 Litres and Plinth Bundle

Sustainability Label
Sustainability Information

Made from 98% air.

Long life product with 3 year guarantee.
Helps send less food waste to landfill and reduce reliance on bought compost.

HOTBIN provide spare parts that can be purchased separately.

This product is 100% recyclable at the end of its life.
It is also used to recycle material and produce compost.

Further Information

Material: Recyclable ARPRO EPP Capacity: Approx. 200 litres Weight: 8kg (unboxed) Size: 115 x 55 x 55cm

Important Delivery Information

Dispatched in 15 working days

Which is best for me, HOTBIN 100L or 200L?

The HOTBIN 100L is a slimline unit for 1-2 person households with smaller gardens and so less waste. It can produce around 260 litres (130kg) of compost per year.

The HOTBIN 200L is designed for a 3-5 person household with a small to medium garden. It can produce around 520 litres (260kg) of compost per year.

What is the plinth option for?

The plinth raises the HOTBIN off the ground so that you can collect leachate to use as fertilizer.

We recommend all customers take the bundle option as it represents better value than buying it alone later.

What is the leachate collection system?

Leachate is a fertiliser that is naturally created as part of the HOTBIN composting process.

HOTBIN incorporates a sloping internal base, funnelling the liquid towards the drainage cap like water draining from a shower tray.

This liquid can be drained via the cap as required and diluted before use around the garden.

Tell be about the new lid design

The new lid seal design includes a raised step around the edge of the seal that when closed inter-locks like a tongue and groove join.

This much-improved lid seal helps to keep the lid firmly closed, prevents any water ingress during heavy rainfall and locks in heat even more effectively.


A Revolution In Home Composting

Kick-start your composting by cranking up the heat to 60°c (that’s 140 degrees Fahrenheit). The HOTBIN works by insulating your kitchen and garden waste to maintain the optimum temperature to allow the contents to breakdown quickly and naturally.

It’s fast, efficient, easy to get started and keeps on working right through winter when most other methods go to sleep.

HOTBIN 32 times faster

32x Faster Compost

Produce organic homemade compost in as little as 30 to 90 days!

HOTBIN Warm All Year Round

Stays Warm All Year

Operates between 40 and 60 degrees celcius for quick decomposition.

HOTBIN No Pests No Odours

Oudour & Pest Free

Compost you kitchen waste including bones in addition to garden material.


In Just 90 Seconds

Delivered Assembled

What's in the box?

Your HOTBIN Composter will be delivered to you packaged in a recyclable cardboard box with no assembly required. You'll also receive a Bulking Agent, a woodchip product, that along with the packaging puts you off to a great start to filling your bin.

A Kick-starter bottle is also included. This is the HOTBIN's own hot water bottle to keep it hot during the winter months. It's made of high quality plastic material, is long lasting and 100% recyclable.

The CAM Strap maintains an airtight seal, keeping heat generated by the bacterial process in the unit and unwanted visitors out. It's UV treated for long life.

The raking stick is dual purpose and can be used to mix fresh waste, shredded paper and bulking agent together as well as to help harvest the compost from behind the hatch panel.

HOTBIN Manufacturer's 3-year guarantee

3-Year Guarantee

HOTBIN is strong and durable, made with ARPRO

Strong & Durable

HOTBIN is lightweight as ARPRO is made from mostly air


Why you should choose Frankton's for your HOTBIN

Frankton's Lifetime Support & Advice

You can count on Frankton's to get you started with HOTBIN and to provide support for the lifetime of the product.

If you're interested in buying a HOTBIN and have questions, we're here to answer by email or live chat. If you'd prefer to call, we'd love to talk through any questions you have. When you choose Frankton's for your HOTBIN, you're buying with confidence.

Telephone for advice

Trusted Advice

Contact us for free pre-purchase advice by email, live chat or by telephone on ‭0300 373 1131‬

HOTBIN Lifetime Support

Lifetime Support

We are here to help you for the lifetime of your HOTBIN.