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EcoLine Oscillating Sprinkler

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Sustainability Label
Sustainability Information

Made from >65% recycled plastic.

High quality, durable product.
5 year guarantee.

GARDENA provide a repair service

Made from recyclable materials

Further Information

Maximum cutting diameter: 18 mm
Cutting type: Bypass
Upper blade: Stainless steel
Warranty 25 years

Even watering for green lawns. Plastic components now made from more than 65% recycled material.

The EcoLine Oscillating Sprinkler by GARDENA waters rectangular lawns or beds between 90 and 220 m² evenly and precisely - without puddles.
Designed with plastic made from more than 65 percent recycled material from everyday household waste, it's the sustainable solution for watering your lawn on hot summer days. The sprinkler's aluminum pipes are made of more than 25 percent recycled material. The processed metal elements reinforce the robustness and durability of the sprinkler and also look stylish. Simply place your sprinkler on your lawn with a hose connected to the water tap and turn on the water. You can then easily adjust the range of the sprinkler between 7 and 17 meters.
The EcoLine square sprinkler reaches a maximum of 13 meters in width. Whether you want to water a small bed or your entire lawn - the square sprinkler allows you to do both. The sprinkler is UV and frost protected, so you can leave it outside all year round.
Another highlight that supports the product's durability is the sprinkler's clever and quick cleaning tools: a built-in, removable filter prevents dirt particles from clogging the sprinkler. You can remove it yourself and simply clean it under the water tap. If limescale accumulates on the nozzles, you can use the included cleaning needle to quickly unclog the holes.
The EcoLine Oscillating Sprinkler is Made in Germany and the quality is backed by a five-year manufacturer's warranty from GARDENA. A natural choice for passionate gardeners. ReTh!nk - The new EcoLine range. Sustainably made. Aesthetically designed. Durably built.