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GARDENA 20m EcoLine Hose with System Parts


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Sustainability Label
Sustainability Information

Made from >65% recycled plastic.

High quality, durable product.
30 year guarantee.

GARDENA provide a repair service

Made from recyclable materials

Further Information

Made of more than 65% recycled material
Made of Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE)
Free of phthalates and free of harmful substances (< 0,1%)
Frost-proof and UV-resistant
Pressure resistance: 20 bar
Dimensionally stable due to high-quality knitted hose
13 mm (1/2"), 20 m
30-year warranty
Made in Europe

Set complete with 13 mm (1/2") hose, 20 m, EcoLine system parts and EcoLine cleaning nozzle

The new GARDENA EcoLine Hose. The garden hose made from recycled material with a 30 year guarantee.

The EcoLine range consists of hand tools and watering products, with at least 65 percent recycled material in the plastic parts of each product. This commitment has already been rewarded with the German Sustainability Award Design 2022 and the  award of the state of Baden-Württemberg as a positive example of resource efficiency.

The EcoLine hose is made of Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) and more than 65 percent recycled material. Most of the recycled plastics are obtained from household waste. For example, from foils or packaging that come from the recycling bin. These are referred to as post-consumer materials.

Uncompromising premium quality in terms of functionality and durability is of course particularly important here, too. As gardening enthusiasts already know from other GARDENA hoses, the Power Grip profile ensures optimum grip and secure connectivity between the hose and the GARDENA system parts. The hose is also free of phthalates.

The high-quality knitted hose inside makes the hose particularly stable in terms of keeping its shape and pressure-resistant up to 20 bar. It is frost- and UV-resistant and can therefore remain outside all year round.

The restrained colouring of the hose shows garden lovers at first glance that it is part of the EcoLine family. GARDENA grants a 30-year warranty on the EcoLine Hose. Even the packaging is made of recyclable cardboard.