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Manual Tap Timer

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Sustainability Label
Sustainability Information

This product helps to reduce water consumption

Further Information

Operating pressure Min: 0.5 bar
Operating pressure Max: 12 bar
Thread: For taps with a 26.5 mm (G 3/4) or 33.3 mm (G1) thread

Irrigation settings
Watering duration 5 minutes - 2 hours

Manual Tap Timer with automatic watering stop

Let the GARDENA automatic Manual Tap Timer take care of irrigation in your garden. Both connection and operation are easy and convenient. First you attach the Manual Tap Timer to your water tap. Now you connect a garden hose to its water outlet, which in turn is connected to a GARDENA sprinkler, for example.

With the help of the rotating dial you can set the duration of the irrigation flexibly between 5 and 120 minutes. After the time has elapsed the tap timer stops the water flow automatically. Because the tap timer works mechanically, it does not need a battery or power supply. Thanks to the permanent flow function you can continue to draw water from the tap without removing the device.

The Manual Tap Timer is a quality product made in Germany. Water Controls: The full portfolio with innovative features for automatic and water-saving garden irrigation.